Twistin' At The Knife

by Wooden Wives

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Record Store Day single, 2012.


released April 21, 2012

Sean Boyer - guitar
Pierre Cormier - bass, vocals
Jud Crandall - guitar, vocals
Luc Gagnon - keys
Alex Keleher - drums, vocals
Adam Mowery - vocals
Kelley Consolvo - vocals
Linda Minor - vocals

Written & produced by Wooden Wives, Winter-Spring 2012.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Twistin' At The Knife
Well it's clear to anybody if you got a calculator
That two and two is four and if you double that it's eighter
Twistin' at the knife

You're sharpenin' your scalpel with a surgical precision
And your plusses and your minusses all come out long division
Twistin' at the knife

Where all the little dawgies wanna go crossin' steel to and fro
There's a little place I know where the kids are gruelling
In devotion to a downer celebration of the founder
Sounds surround a pound of fetish flesh in underground on the road to ruin

Well you're lookin' John the Baptist and you're feelin' fetal flash
And your stomaches, heads and butterflies and hearts are all on platters
Twistin' at the knife
Track Name: Talkin' Cosmic Aggro Blues
Pretender poor vendor
Resentful resenter
Got my back up
I dig my heel in
I got my back-up
I am a realist
A real pessimistic nihilist

But what's the fuckin' point
The stars are out of joint
It's a constellation ruse
Gimme some of them talkin' cosmic aggro blues
A real pessimistic nihilist

A cannibal cabal
Of Cain upon Abel
At the kitchen table
The fruits and vegetables
The Tower Of Babel
The horse in the stable
I don't think I'm able

A real pessimistic nihilist